6 thoughts on “Sponsors”

  1. Swiss Tony

    Hi mate, i gonna do some christmas shopping on amazon, used your link but once redirected to UK amazon it seems to lose your reference code. I’m happy for you to make some extra dosh, if this is an easy problem to solve then let me know. Might not agree with all of your sentiments, but enjoy your show anyway, wish my memory was as good as yours hahah so stop complaining about it haha

    Swiss Tony

  2. Chuck Boust

    I ordered coffee from Darrin’s Coffee on 6 June 2015 and I have not yet received it. I sent an email and left a phone message and have not received any response. I filed a claim with Paypal and they are trying to resolve it.
    I will not ever order from this business again. Just thought you should know.

  3. Dana

    I am with you on most of what you say and assess regarding foreign policy. your recent comments regarding the Muslim Brotherhood as this innocent freedom-loving ‘moderates’ when 3 seconds before that you admit that the ‘moderates’ rebels’ are equally dangerous as the radicals is incomprehensible. Please, research the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt especially. I have friends who lived through this and they are young students who wanted to kill themselves because life was THAT depressing under the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood. I literally had to talk them out of killing themselves…and my friends are educated ‘middle class’ there who are a bit more priviledged. The Muslim Brotherhood implements SHARIA LAW….. this is not moderate if you want to compare it to Western Values. This is fascist. Look in the aftermath of Libya. They’ve been set back 500 years. Lastly, check out the document plan of action from the Muslim Brotherhood and see if any of this is coming to action given the fall of Qadaffi in Libya… https://clarionproject.org/Muslim_Brotherhood_Explanatory_Memorandum/

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